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Case Study


World Bank (Regional Consultations on Evolution Process)


The World Bank and Bangladesh have formed a significant partnership over the years, focusing on areas like human development, job creation, infrastructure, climate resilience, and disaster management, with special attention to empowering women. Recently, the World Bank provided swift assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic, including vaccination efforts. They've also aided Bangladesh in addressing challenges posed by the Rohingya crisis. Despite ongoing efforts, the achievements of this partnership since 1972 are noteworthy, showcasing the effectiveness of large-scale development financing and technical assistance over five decades.


We had to provide the World Bank with Rapporteur support for an event at the World Bank office with over 30 speakers. We had to type down their Action points and Discussion points in real time and compile it for submission by day end.


Rapporteur Support for Action points, discussion points and Session summary


Session summary was successfully delivered and utilised internally by the World Bank to create further secondary reports.

May 7, 2024

World Bank – Rapporteur Support